Chibi Pikachu Pattern

After finally finishing a crazy semester of grad school, I finally had time to do something that I’ve wanted to for a while – publish a crochet pattern to Etsy!

This Pikachu pattern is the first of many patterns that I plan to post and is available from my Etsy shop!

If you’re looking for the finished product, you can pick that up here!




Pokemon are one of my favorite subjects to crochet! They are cute and cartoony, with clearly defined shapes, which make them relatively simply to design patterns for. However, there are so many Pokemon and they come in so many varieties that each one presents its own challenges and keeps the process interesting.


Last year, I had the chance to work with a fantastic model in a Pokemon trainer photoshoot and would love to do so again! Perhaps one day I’ll even create all original 150! (There’s way too many at this point to even consider crocheting them all!)